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We’re proud to have created highly trusted, secure communication solutions for messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, and more. From our founding ten years ago, we have grown to serve organizations across a wide range of industries, all over the world. Together with AWS, we look forward to taking our solutions to the next level for our customers and partners. Learn more here →”

Choses partagées - Friday 07, May 2021https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210507https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210507Fri, 07 May 2021 00:00:00 +0200 Why some tech workers are turning down jobs at #TikTok Bookmarked on Friday, May the 7 of 2021 at 20h 19m 13s - tic tok toktic tiktok tictoc tiktoc job jobs work works worker workers human ressources

“ the students scored the male Teaching Assistant higher, while the female TA got five times as many negative reviews.”

Bookmarked on Friday, May the 7 of 2021 at 20h 14m 53s - sexism students studies assistant education gender genders bia bias ta university

Choses partagées - Sunday 02, May 2021https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210502https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210502Sun, 02 May 2021 00:00:00 +0200 On WhatsApp you caN'T hide whether you are online or not, and it's a problem Bookmarked on Sunday, May the 2 of 2021 at 15h 02m 22s - whatsapp whatapp whatssapp facebook issue issues problem problems online offline offthegrid connected connection position status

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Choses partagées - Wednesday 21, April 2021https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210421https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210421Wed, 21 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0200 Facebook has a new mega-leak on its hands Facebook Email Search v1.0 can process 5 million email addresses per day, researcher says. Bookmarked on Wednesday, April the 21 of 2021 at 15h 27m 03s - facebook fbook fb leak leak leaking data personnal personal scandal shame

Choses partagées - Friday 16, April 2021https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210416https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210416Fri, 16 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0200 Discord, a Platform Rife With Violent Extremist Content, Cracks Down on [Checks Notes] Erotic Furry Art Bookmarked on Friday, April the 16 of 2021 at 19h 14m 13s - discord discorde video plateform conversation porn yiff furry furrie furries art fanart fanpic violent contents animal animals

Choses partagées - Monday 12, April 2021https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210412https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210412Mon, 12 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0200 Beyond Europe: the political economy of bulk data collection Bookmarked on Monday, April the 12 of 2021 at 18h 39m 59s - surveillance data bulk large

Choses partagées - Thursday 08, April 2021https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210408https://lienspersos.accessibilisation.net/shaarli/index.php5?do=daily&day=20210408Thu, 08 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0200 Google Is Testing Its Controversial New Ad Targeting Tech in Millions of Browsers. Here’s What We Know. Bookmarked on Thursday, April the 8 of 2021 at 17h 15m 30s - gooogle google chrome chorme browser sneacking spying spy browsers